You’ve heard it time and time again… The wedding day will go by so fast, and after the wedding all you will have left is the pictures and your video.  Well, it’s true, however the only memory you will have left that captures sound from your wedding day is your video.  It is an extremely important purchase, and we at In Motion are passionate about creating memorable wedding films.  We want to give you a video that creatively captures the events of your wedding day, and one that you will want to watch over and over again.  But it goes beyond just that… we want to capture every moment, big and small, that will help to tell the story of your day.

Our videos are non-traditional in style, and are what we call “short form” edits.  This means that depending on the package booked, you will receive either a 15-20 minute Highlight Edit, or a 20-30 minute Cinematic Film.  We get many questions asking why we take this modern approach to wedding videography, and what is the benefit of this style?  Simply put, our goal is to give you the most memorable film that we can.  Your photographer does not put 1,000’s of pictures in your final album, but instead you choose a couple hundred of your favorites to feature in your wedding album.  The concept is similar for our wedding films.  Instead of showing every second of each bridesmaid walking down the aisle for example, we will show snippets of each.  Every second does not need to be included in a video in order for the story of your day to be told.  With this concept in mind, we choose the best moments from all of the events that take place on your wedding day and use those to create your unique film.  The benefit to this style is that it allows the emotion of your day to come through.

Another question we encounter is “Will anything be left out?” The answer is no.  All of the major events of your wedding day will be included in your Highlight Edit or Cinematic Film in some way.  Even though we deliver a short form film, we still shoot all your major events in full on your wedding day.

Love our style but still have concerns? No problem!  We have additional options that allow you to have parts of your day included on your DVD in full length (Ceremony, Toasts, and First Dance).  We also offer the purchase of the raw footage so you can view everything we shot on your wedding day.

Short form weddings represent the future of wedding films, and we are proud to offer you this creative keepsake of your wedding.  Please contact us with any questions, or to obtain further information on packages and pricing.