One of our talented videographers, Amanda Whorton, shared her perspective of how important a wedding video can be from being able to watch her parents video.  Amanda’s parents just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and are STILL watching and enjoying their wedding video.  Styles change, technology changes, but memories will always be important.  Here is Amanda’s story of her parent’s 23rd anniversary… oh, and also some pics of them “then” and “now”.

My parent’s 23rd wedding anniversary was Saturday. I couldn’t have asked for a better example of love and marriage.  They serve each other selflessly and are still passionate about each other.

My mom asked me the other day if I wanted to watch their wedding video with her.  I had completely forgotten that they had one and they still have it on VHS! For a surprise for my mom, my dad had it transferred to DVD so they could watch it together when they went on their anniversary trip. Their wedding video helps them relive their vows and all the funny and poignant moments of their special day. Their marriage is much more than their wedding day, but that’s where their life together started. Their wedding video means a lot to them because it helps them remember, 23 years later, where it all began and all the promises they made. My parents’ faces light up with smiles when they talk about it.

This showed me how important a wedding video can be to a married couple. Technology changes rapidly, and 23 years from now I’m sure there will be yet another way to watch movies. In 23 years we’ve already gone from VHS, to DVD, and now even to blu-ray. Your wedding video is still an important aspect of the memories of the day when you said, “I do” for the rest of your lives.  It’s easy enough to transfer one form of media to another, but you can never recreate that day and those moments. 23 years down the road, when you and your spouse are watching your film on your anniversary, you can be grateful that you decided to have a videographer at your wedding. And you’ll smile, just like my parents did.

Wedding Day!

23 years later