We capture hundreds of hours of video every year, and are often asked about some of the unique things we get to see.  One of the most fun parts about our job is that we never know what is going to happen next, and in 2012 we definitely captured some great moments!  The wonderful part about our job is that we get to work with real people, not actors, and people are unpredictable.  You never know what they are going to say, what they are going to do, or if your new spouse is going to smash cake in your face :)

Thank you to all of the amazing couples we had a chance to work with in 2012!  You made our year so enjoyable and it was a pleasure to be a part of some of the most special moments of your life.

We wanted to share some of these moments with everyone, so we put together our Best of 2012 video.  If you want a good laugh, you HAVE to check it out!  Happy New Year!


If you missed our “Best of” video from last year, check out our “Top 11 Moments of 2011″ Video: