Eric and Laura Beth were married in Danville, Kentucky- a charming little town near Lexington. From the moment we arrived for their wedding weekend, we couldn’t help but feel at home.

Eric and Laura Beth welcomed their guests to the Bluegrass State with a rehearsal dinner at the Danville Community Arts Center. As the night grew dark, luminary bags welcomed guests up the stairs into this tall, beautiful building. The evening was filled with friends and family reuniting and sharing stories of the past.


The ceremony was held on Saturday at the historic Presbyterian Church of Danville. It was very touching because this is the church where Laura Beth’s grandparents were married.


The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and their vows were so moving. When the ceremony was over they headed outside to be greeted by friends and family, and to take pictures.


Their wedding day had perfect weather, and in fact locals said it was the first moderately warm, sunny weekend of the year. This made for some amazing footage of pictures being taken outside.


At the Danville Country Club the party really began. Eric and Laura Beth found an amazing band that kept everyone on the dance floor all night. There was not a single person that did not get out there for at least a dance or two. We caught some very funny moments on tape of the young and old alike.


My favorite part of the evening had to be watching Laura Beth’s large family all gather for a group photo in front of the fireplace at the country club. Imagine trying to get 30 or so people to all listen and pose for a picture- I was sure glad that I wasn’t their photographer! I just sat back and let the tape roll to capture all the funny things they were saying while the photographer tried to wrangle the group together.


It was nice to see a family having such a great time and really enjoying each other’s company.

Here are a few clips from Erica and Laura Beth’s wedding. Everything was shot in widescreen, High Definition which came out so beautiful and crisp.


This is their Sneak-Peek trailer (above) and also a picture taking video montage (below), which will be included in their final video!


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