Autum and Gerad were married on November 2, 2007 at the beautiful Ribault Club on Fort George Island.


Their ceremony took place outside under the “wedding tree”. It was so peaceful and so touching because they wrote their own vows to one another.


After their ceremony guests enjoyed cocktails outside of the Ribault Club and Autum and Gerad took pictures with family and friends.


After their family photo session, they decided to take a walk down to the water to grab a little alone time and a few more pictures. The video from this part of the night is some of the best footage from the event. Not only was the scenery by the water beautiful, but the bride and groom finally got to get away to be themselves and relax for a moment (with 3 photographers and a videographer of course! :) Here are a few sneak preview screen shots from the video:

autum-and-gerad-kiss-still-resize.jpg autum-and-gerad-walking-still-resize.jpg

Their celebration continued on inside of the Ribault Club with dinner, dessert, and lots and lots of dancing! Here is a sneak peek shot at their first dance:


***UPDATE: Autum and Gerad’s Teaser is now online. Visit our sneak peeks page to check it out!***