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Tallahassee Wedding Video | Meredith & Peter | FSU Doak Campbell Stadium

We were excited to shoot Meredith and Peter’s wedding at the home of our Alma Matter, Florida State University! The day began with bridal preparations at the historic Governors Inn. They exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony at First Baptist Church in Downtown Tallahassee. After the ceremony, guests were taken by trolley to Doak Campbell Stadium for a reception in the University Center Club. When the bride and groom arrived they took pictures outside with the talented Kay Meyer Photography. We even snuck them into the stadium for a few pictures later in the evening! The ballroom where their reception was held looked amazing. No detail was overlooked with Simply Southern Events planning the day! From First Dance to Last Dance, The Fabulous Classics kept the dance floor rockin’. Everyone had an amazing evening. When it was time to say goodbye friends and family gathered with sparklers outside the stadium to send the couple off in style. Meredith and Peter, your happiness and love for each other is evident and we wish you a long and happy life together! Here is Meredith and Peter’s preview video:

P.S. Click here to check out their pics from Kay Meyer Photography

The vendors that made this day possible:
Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church

Reception Venue: The University Center Club at Doak Campbell Stadium

Photographer: Kay Meyer Photography

Videography: In Motion Video Productions

Wedding Planner: Simply Southern Events

Band: The Fabulous Classics

Floral Design: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Bridal Prep: The Governors Inn

Tampa Wedding Video | Melissa and Michael Wedding Teaser | Dade City, FL

Michael and Melissa were married at the home of Melissa’s parents in Dade City, FL.  Melissa planned this wedding down to the last detail and it showed!  She had some special touches that really made the wedding decor amazing, such as her damask tablecloths (from Kate Ryan Linens), cute little favor jars, and my favorite the “yellow truck”.  You can see this old fashioned yellow Ford truck in the video, and it made for a really fun photo session with Christine Nicole Photography!  Their ceremony was emotional and beautiful, and guests watched as they exchanged their vows with the sun setting behind them over a field with horses.  The reception began with heartfelt toasts by members of the bridal party, and then Michael and Melissa shared their first dance as husband and wife.  Ward from Grant Hemond and Associates kept the part going all night.  It was an amazing evening and we are so glad we were able to be a part of it!  Here is Michael and Melissa’s preview video:

P.S.  You can check out the amazing images from Christine Nicole Photography on her blog:  Click here!

The vendors that made this day possible:

Hair & Makeup: Tiffany M. Johnson

Photography: Christine Nicole Photography

Videography: In Motion Video Productions

Entertainment: Grant Hemond and Associates

Catering: Garden Cafe

Linens: Kate Ryan Linens

Flowers: Flora Chic

Cake: Publix

St Augustine FL Wedding Video | Kelly & Alex | Destination Wedding Videographers

Kelly and Alex were married on a beautiful Spring day in St. Augustine, FL. The day began with preparations at Bella Bay Inn with hair and makeup done by the talented team of Casey Powell of Casey Does Hair, and Kimtasha Armstrong, Pro Makeup Artist.  Their ceremony and reception were held at one of my favorite places in St. Augustine, The White Room.  I love the view from the rooftop, and the weather could not have been more perfect to enjoy the scenery.  They shared an emotional exchange of vows, and then headed out to the streets of St. Augustine to take some fun pictures with photographer Addison Fitzgerald.  They enjoyed the rest of the evening with family and friends in the White Room Loft, which was perfectly decorated by the team at Rose of Sharon.  Kris with Footloose Entertainment kept the dance floor rockin’ until it was time to leave.  Thanks Kelly and Alex for letting us capture your wedding day!  You guys were awesome to work with and we hope you enjoy the video:

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church | Video Production | Video Promotion

In Motion Video Productions just finished up a wonderful project for the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church “We Are One Capital Campaign.” The finished video is informative, enlightening and at the same time emotional. Thanks to everyone at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for your help in making the video a success.

Busy season | Jacksonville & Tampa Wedding Videos | Video Production

In Motion Video Productions is happy to say that our spring is off to a great start. The past month has been very busy and we have more fun projects in the works. We hope that you too are having a great spring and are getting the chance to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. In case you haven’t we put together a little video reminder. Enjoy!

Wedding Video Valentine’s Day Rewind – Simina and Steve: Ponte Vedra Beach

In Motion wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s day. We hope you are spending it with the one you love! One year ago today we were at Simina and Steve’s Valentine’s Day wedding at Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club.  Their fun filled wedding was coordinated by Sarah Grace with The Big Event Wedding Planning.  In Motion was there to document their day alongside the talented La Dolce Vita Studio.

When Simina first contacted me about shooting her wedding she was honest and said she was not sure if she really wanted a wedding video.  Her family had convinced her that she needed one, so she decided to book us.

After watching her video Simina wrote us back with this comment:
“This is AMAZING!!!!! The first thing both steve and I said was thank god we listened to my dad and had video because this is the best thing ever. Then I watched it again and I basically started to cry! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job – we love this!!”

Simina and Steve- I am so glad we had the chance to work with you.  Happy 1 year anniversary!  Here is a look back at your wedding day:

Our Style: Why “Less” is More

You’ve heard it time and time again… The wedding day will go by so fast, and after the wedding all you will have left is the pictures and your video.  Well, it’s true, however the only memory you will have left that captures sound from your wedding day is your video.  It is an extremely important purchase, and we at In Motion are passionate about creating memorable wedding films.  We want to give you a video that creatively captures the events of your wedding day, and one that you will want to watch over and over again.  But it goes beyond just that… we want to capture every moment, big and small, that will help to tell the story of your day.

Our videos are non-traditional in style, and are what we call “short form” edits.  This means that depending on the package booked, you will receive either a 15-20 minute Highlight Edit, or a 20-30 minute Cinematic Film.  We get many questions asking why we take this modern approach to wedding videography, and what is the benefit of this style?  Simply put, our goal is to give you the most memorable film that we can.  Your photographer does not put 1,000’s of pictures in your final album, but instead you choose a couple hundred of your favorites to feature in your wedding album.  The concept is similar for our wedding films.  Instead of showing every second of each bridesmaid walking down the aisle for example, we will show snippets of each.  Every second does not need to be included in a video in order for the story of your day to be told.  With this concept in mind, we choose the best moments from all of the events that take place on your wedding day and use those to create your unique film.  The benefit to this style is that it allows the emotion of your day to come through.

Another question we encounter is “Will anything be left out?” The answer is no.  All of the major events of your wedding day will be included in your Highlight Edit or Cinematic Film in some way.  Even though we deliver a short form film, we still shoot all your major events in full on your wedding day.

Love our style but still have concerns? No problem!  We have additional options that allow you to have parts of your day included on your DVD in full length (Ceremony, Toasts, and First Dance).  We also offer the purchase of the raw footage so you can view everything we shot on your wedding day.

Short form weddings represent the future of wedding films, and we are proud to offer you this creative keepsake of your wedding.  Please contact us with any questions, or to obtain further information on packages and pricing.

The Wedding Party featured on Good Morning Jacksonville!

The Wedding Party, home of In Motion Video Productions’ Jacksonville office, was featured in a segment on Good Morning Jacksonville.  Paul DeLand from D’Land Entertainment did a wonderful job explaining the concept of The Wedding Party.  Check it out!

Food for thought… and your vendors!

Weddings are amazing events.  They are one of the most fun and memorable days of people’s lives, and our passion is capturing all of those moments on video.  We like to be with our couples throughout the process of their day (pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception) so we can tell a story in their video and include all the little details that are so important to them!  With that being said, wedding days are also a lot of hard work for your vendors!  Often times our average day of shooting is 8-10 hours, and we are on our feet almost the entire time.

When it comes to meal time, we are happy and grateful for a small break and something to eat.  I found this wonderful article that explains the importance of not only having a meal, but receiving it as soon as the guests start to be served so that we do not miss any important events.  The article from is quoted below.  I love this article because it puts a humorous spin on what can be a very frustrating experience for your vendors on your wedding day:

“It’s a sad truth about receptions: Photographers are so low on the food chain, they’re rubbing chest hair. Millions of plates of fatty beef and dried chicken are served at wedding functions each and every year. With all that nutritious booty, it should be a no-brainer that the photographer would get fed, right? Not so. Booty is in the eye of the withholder. And some banquet halls have turned food denial into an art form. When it comes to dietary relations with reception sites, photographers traditionally receive a swift kick in the pork medallions.

And brides and grooms are none the wiser.

For sure, this is in no way a recent injustice, but one that’s older than time. In fact, just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, someone may well have turned to the wedding photographer and said, “Sorry, dude – you get the cheese plate.” Indeed, it would seem that a few banquet managers have taken to heart Henry Kissinger’s famous quote: “He who controls the food supply, controls the people.” (For a deeper understanding of how this brilliant socioeconomic model works, flip through any of the fine biographies on Robert Mugabe.)

This little piece of gum is a three course dinner!
– Willy Wonka

One of reception halls’ favorite tricks is the ol’ “Bait & Switch.” This is where the dearly beloved drops an extra $80 a plate for their vendors’ meals, which, when served, magically turns into a flaccid stack of damp baloney sandwiches. “It’s all we’ve got” is usually the accompanying sniffle. That’s a pretty low P/E ratio (price to edibility) in my book. But hey, it’s completely understandable. With the cost of oil these days, the expense of microwaving a chicken breast has skyrocketed.

One photographer in the northeastern U.S. said this happened to him several times at one particular site. The final straw came one night when he walked into the back room and saw the wizard behind the curtain. “The banquet staff is eating your prime rib that you were told was not available!” Hardly a sporting move. That’s why it’s always a safe bet to order the haggis.

No matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg, never never feed them after midnight.
– Gremlins

Worse than being fed sweatshop fare is getting fed too late. In an unfortunate twist of irony, a photographer’s mandate is to snap people while they’re running around and having fun. Which dictates that the best time to feed your picture-taker is when everyone is sitting and eating. Sadly, this happens about as often as Paris Hilton asks, “Will this affect my credibility?”

The reason most wedding shooters prefer to eat when the bride & groom eat is so they’re immediately available for the first dance and cake-cutting. But, inexplicably, some caterers insist on holding their food hostage until the entire room has been fed, burped and had their nappy changed. When the friendly waiter finally drops those wilted green beans and fish sticks in front of the photographer, the music suddenly flares and she must leap across the room to cover Uncle Lou’s ‘just outta detox’ rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

WPJA award-winner Dan Harris recounted the time a banquet manager told him his food was on the way. Almost an hour later, the entire room was fed and Dan still had nada. So he stood right next to the manager until she brought him his meal. Which she did. A Styrofoam box with four cold chicken nuggets and a glop of cole slaw. To split with his assistant.

He never got to dine on this epicurean delight, however, because the best man immediately began his toast. Said Dan, “For the next year I got a lot of sympathy from my brides when I shared with them this story.” He’s never had a bad experience since.

Get in my belly!
– Fat Bastard, Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me

But hey, at least they’re getting fed something, right? Remember, by dinnertime, most photographers have been on their feet for five or more hours without a break; usually with five more hours to go. In a few extreme situations, they’ve bellied up to the table to feast on a big steaming bowl of jack squat. And it’s not always the reception site’s fault.

Abigail Seymour, a decorated WPJA member, booked a premium package for a high-end wedding. When her client worksheet came back, the line about providing a meal simply stated “NO.” She was stunned, but held out the option that it was just an oversight. Sure enough, when she and her assistant arrived at the reception, “We were told then that we were not welcome to eat from the buffet.” Ouch. That would have been a good time to demonstrate the benefits of a sneeze-guard.

Or, she could have done what one photographer did when the reception site offered him the Empty-Plate Special: “We called a pizza house and had a pizza delivered directly to the banquet hall.” Large combo, extra spite please.

But even when the planets align, fate can still land a sucker-punch. WPJA founder David Roberts had his meal served at a table just outside the reception tent. Before taking his first bite, he jumped up to shoot something and returned five minutes later. That’s when he found the parking lot attendant doing a Gene Simmons on his dinner. Roberts was stunned. “It was the last one (meal) and they had nothing else to get me.”

Of course, as O.J. taught us, there are two sides to every obvious crime. What do the banquet halls say to all this? Your guess is as good as mine. Most every one I tried to contact never returned my overtures. But what did I expect? I was basically asking the catering equivalent of that old comedy saw, “When did you stop beating your wife?” Unanswerable in any form.

However, there are a few good ones out there. Lorraine Camara, Catering Manager for the Laurel View Country Club in Connecticut, charges clients half price for vendors meals; they are served the same food as guests and eat at the same time as or before everyone else. She hosts monthly meetings of the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association, whose members rave about their treatment. Adds Camara, “And they should because they’re one of my best forms of advertisement.”

Ah. Food for thought.

So how do we keep from inadvertently starving our highly-skilled documentarians? Simple: Communication. Hammer out all the food issues with the reception site/caterer before D-Day. Because nothing will ruin an inebriated massacre of the Electric Slide like having to stop and administer your photographer a saline drip.

Amongst themselves, most wedding photojournalists agree on three points: 1.) – Put everything in the contract. Food, time and place. 2.) – Before the date, provide your written wishes to the bride and groom to deliver to the caterers. Also, try approaching the caterers as soon as you arrive. And 3.) – Bring backup. A quick sandwich in the back of the van has saved many a hypoglycemic face-plant into the trumpeter swan ice sculpture.

And you know good and well the videographer is going to catch that.”

— by Jeff Corriveau for the Wedding Photojournalist Association

Click here to read the article on wedpix

In Motion Introduces our Cinematic Film Collection

As videographers and editors we are always pushing ourselves to be more creative, learn new technology, and become better story tellers. With the introduction of some cutting edge cameras, new high tech toys, and a whole lot of passion, we are proud to introduce a new style of wedding video to our lineup: The Cinematic Wedding Film. This film features the best, most memorable, and most emotional parts of the wedding day all packed into one 20-30 minute video.

I would tell you more about it, but you really just want to see the video, right!? As promised, here is our most recent Cinematic Film:

Featured Vendors from Jamie and Tyler’s Wedding:

Photography: La Dolce Vita Studio

Floral: Anything with Plants and Flowers

Venue: Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Band: Rhythm Nation

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