In Motion Video Productions was a proud sponsor of the Images for a Cure event in October of 2009 . For those who don’t know Images for a Cure is a fundraising effort for Breast Cancer started by Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography in Orlando, FL. Photographers from all over the country (and now Videographers, Makeup Artists, and other vendors) came together to donate their talents in order to make a difference. And wow did it make a difference. The fundraiser collected $12,900!!!!
On October 11, 2009, hundreds of photographers from across the country held photo shoots, In Motion had the opportunity to capture 2 of those cities and 3 of the photographers including the founder of Images for a Cure, Kristen Weaver. We were also able to interview participants and other volunteers to really capture the true meaning of this event. We hope everyone will enjoy the Images for a cure 2009 wrap up video below. And……be on the look out for a teaser into the Images for a Cure 2010 event!!!!