As professional videographers, it pains us to hear, without hesitation, a bride exclaim “no” when we ask her if she has considered video for her wedding day. The most common explanation is that videography is an unnecessary expense or not in the budget. We feel as though videography should be placed at the top of your priority list and here’s why…

Flowers, Food ,and Photography are among the top priorities when planning a wedding.  Photographs are amazing images, but they are just that, a still capture of an image from your wedding day.  You may remember that your sister gave an amazing toast by looking at the picture of her, but are you going to remember what she said? Probably not. With video, you not only get to see her giving that toast, but you get to hear exactly what she said and see your reaction to it at that moment in time. Now it is captured on video, so you can remember it forever.

We often hear that brides are afraid they will spend a lot of money and, because the video is so long, will only watch it once. A lot of videographers (like us!) offer a cinematic short film rather than a documentary of your day.  These films are about half an hour long and tell the story of your day rather than just show you what happened. The films only include the most important, emotional, memorable parts of your day edited in a way that will hold your attention and make you want to watch your video with family and friends over and over again.

(Wedding and Event Videographers Association) did a nationwide  asking brides about the value of videography. According to the survey, 79% of past brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to videotape their wedding day. The survey results reveal professional videography has become very important to today’s brides. Its value is comparable to wedding photography, and even more valuable in some respects, according to brides surveyed. Most importantly, the survey showed that brides feel more emphasis needs to be placed on videography in the wedding planning process.

Brides should find a videographer that fits their style so that they are happy with the final product. You should watch as many samples of a videographer’s work as possible so you know they will be a good fit. So, do your research and find a professional videographer that matches your budget and style!

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