Recently, we received an inquiry from a company in the area to shoot a corporate video. Their representative said they just wanted us to come out and shoot some video of their company and then add their logo to the end of it. Sounds like a good inquiry right? Well it is, but the client failed to mention a big part of what makes a professional looking video… music. We at In Motion Video Productions know and understand just how much music adds to creating a professional looking video and how much it adds to the overall branding of company. That’s why when we take on a job music is always a huge part of our initial thinking. Advertisers have known and understood for years that music, even just a few bars of music can become synonymous with a company.

This was certainly a part of our thinking when Main Street America Group, a large Jacksonville based Insurance company called us to create their internal communications videos. The videos are sent out on a bi-monthly basis so we understood right from the beginning that we would have to create a regular opening sequence, one that included a musical interlude. We found a short and simple piece of music that we thought fit the company well and combined it with images of the outside of their building. Now when Main Street America Group’s six affiliate offices and 1,500 independent agents click on the latest streaming video and see and hear the now very familiar musical intro they instantly know what that they are going to see, but more importantly, hearing that simple piece of music subtly assures them that their company is consistent, professional and rock solid. Who knew  you could get all that from five seconds of music?

We like to think that we did, of course.

Listen and see for yourself here.