RX-8 Car Club Meet 2007

We are pleased to have been the official videographers again for the 2007 RX-8 Brotherhood of the Dragon car club meet. We traveled to North Carolina to capture 4 days packed full of events. The main attraction for the RX-8 club is the “Tail of the Dragon,” a windy mountain road with 318 turns in 11 miles. While there, they also drove the beautiful Cherohala Skyway, hosted a car show, and held an awards banquet. It was a fun week and we captured some great footage of the beautiful cars and the fantastic people. Here is the teaser… we are now accepting pre-orders for the DVD which is coming soon!

Pettit Racing

We are excited to announce that we have just completed the shooting of a training video for Pettit Racing. Pettit is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. They specialize in performance products and cars with rotary engines.

We had a great day shooting an instructional video on how to install their new supercharger. The 1 hour DVD produced by In Motion will be available for purchase so that anyone who buys a supercharger can install it at home.

My favorite part of the day was rigging up a contraption to hang one of our video cameras from the steel bar at the top of their shop. Pettit’s owner, Cam, helped build a poll that would connect with the steel bar and suspend our camera about 20 feet in the air (you can see it at the top of this picture).

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Karin & Justin's Love Story

Karin and Justin are a creative couple who have come up with a unique idea for their wedding ceremony- a video that will be shown right before Karin walks down the aisle. We are pleased to be working with them on not only their wedding, but also this special project.


We interviewed the couple at a local neighborhood park, and Karin & Justin shared the story of how they met, became friends, and eventually…. fell in love.


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